Pulled into Natchez, feelin’ half-past dead…

Natchez Bridge

Last night, we arrived on the 300th Birthday of this dying City on the Mississippi River. The original people, the “Nat-chee” left long ago, victims of a French retaliation-massacre. The antebellum plantation owners fled to wherever such people go. Over the last few years all the Casino River boats have paddled-off to greener waters. Today, fortunate sons flee to college never to return. The people left are the ones who can’t leave and the lost solo souls from far and wide who find themselves drawn to this haunted city on the River. They operate B&B’s, work in the hospitality industry, drink mint juleps every day between 5 and 6…and live lives of quiet desperation retelling old tales. The local voce speak of drugs, petty crime, bad streets and sidewalks…the glory days are far far away. But we also heard other voices speaking of ways to recover the ancien glory…stay tuned…you never know. Hope springs eternal.

Railroad Through Natchez

Natchez Mississippi – August 4th 2016