And the Tao of Thinking.
Kyle's '09 Triumph Thruxton

Riding out of the Bat Cave yesterday morning I came upon my old friend Kyle slouched on his Old School bike working his iPhone. At first, I thought he was just another surfer hooking-up to my free hot-spot. Taking-out of the drive, I felt my name echoing in my helmet. It took a few moments for me to realize who was calling and I screeched to a halt.

Forty years ago Kyle was indirectly responsible for changing the way I thought forever. I was starting college that Fall semester…Kyle and I had night jobs at a JC Penny’s warehouse…and that’s where he cajoled me into taking as my first course, one in which you are guaranteed to receive an “F” on your first paper. Who could resist that?

It is said that only an emotionally shocking event can disrupt the way a person thinks…the way is so ingrained in all of us. The Master Teacher’s strategy of grading people to an “F” right-off the bat achieved that emotional shock…in no mean proportion. And for some of us, it changed the Tao of our thinking forever. I’ll never forget my encounter with emotional shock that first semester at college…and I’ll always be grateful for it. And to Kyle.

There’s nothing like a surprise visit on a misty morning from an old friend.

Kyle's '09 Thruxton on Harvard

Kyle’s ’09 Triumph Thruxton on Harvard Street – July 30th 2016