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Cindi Ortiz and Me

Crime Scene at Stude Park Diamond

One of the Mysteries of Life

The things I remember most about the game are the smell of leather, infield chatter, and the sweet taste of Red Man chewing tobacco. What I’ve never recollected even once is what happened between the times the pitcher released the ball and the sound of it bouncing on the asphalt beyond the homerun fence. To this day, those moments are complete blanks. For some mysterious reason, when everything clicks, God denies you the pleasure of remembering it.

Stude Park Diamond

The True Art of Hitting the Ball

Years later after taking up golf, I came upon a quote from Ben Hogan explaining “the secret” to hitting a golf ball really far: “Well, at some point near the top of my backswing the ball just completely disappears.” Hogan was an utterly humorless man, so everyone assumed he was simply telling it like it was. As soon as I read it, I knew for certain he was.


The Most Beautiful Thing

I still love baseball. I love having it on the radio in the house. I love going to games, though I hardly pay attention…I just bask in the glorious sounds. The most beautiful thing about baseball is – anybody can play. You don’t have to be six foot ten, run the 40 in 4.2, or be thin, or great, or young, or old – none of that stuff is required in baseball. You don’t have to be a boy and you don’t have to be a girl. Even a blackbird with a broken wing can take the field and catch a fly. It’s America’s finest game by far. But the next time someone tells you to keep your eye on the ball, don’t listen to ’em. And when you see Cindi Ortiz, let her know her “holdster” is between pitchers mound and home plate at Stude Park – I’m quite sure she’s missing it. Like me, she’s a lefty, and in baseball that makes you special all by itself.

Cindi Ortiz' Ball glove

April 19th 2017


The Peaceful Transfer of Power

Washington Avenue as seen from El Rey

Everything is included…

Eigel Street 3

Everyone must go…

Gentrify 3

Eigel Street

Eigel Street 2


Going low, to go high. The Lower Heights – 12/29/16.

Building Bridges

Worker on the Yale Street Bridge

Yale Street Bridge in The Heights

Workers on Yale Street Bridge

Yale Street Bridge project in The Heights – October 22nd 2016

Estimated time of completion – December 2017

Historic Yale Street RR Bridge

Historic Yale Street RR Bridge (right next to the new bridge) will be left standing

Estimated time of completion – early 1900s

Nico at the Yale St Bridge project

A Work-in-Progress …

Estimated time of completion – ?

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