Steel Wheels

The Tao Of Motorcycling

The Peaceful Transfer of Power

Washington Avenue as seen from El Rey

Everything is included…

Eigel Street 3

Everyone must go…

Gentrify 3

Eigel Street

Eigel Street 2


Going low, to go high. The Lower Heights – 12/29/16.


Building Bridges

Worker on the Yale Street Bridge

Yale Street Bridge in The Heights

Workers on Yale Street Bridge

Yale Street Bridge project in The Heights – October 22nd 2016

Estimated time of completion – December 2017

Historic Yale Street RR Bridge

Historic Yale Street RR Bridge (right next to the new bridge) will be left standing

Estimated time of completion – early 1900s

Nico at the Yale St Bridge project

A Work-in-Progress …

Estimated time of completion – ?

Reflections On Car Culture

Reflection in rear door window

Stude Park on 9/11…can’t think of a place I’d rather be instead.

'55 Chevrolet

An old ’55…you can see for miles in its gorgeous chrome.


Real car culture is a family affair.

Old Black '52 Chevy


Green Olds

Old Chevy reflection


Several colors…only one style…solamente.

Club members

Old '53 Chevy Pickup

I had a ’53 truck like this with a Ram Dass sticker in the back window…it couldn’t do any of the tricks this one does but it was cosmic nevertheless.


Old Yellow Chevy

Row of Chevys


These guys were walking encyclopedias of American cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s…and they knew how to cook too.

Man in a Monte Carlo

de Koonig

It’s a beautiful mornin’.
Stude Park in The Heights – September 11, 2016

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