Serengeti Visage

The way you see on a motorcycle is different—and the things you see can take you places  you never thought you’d go. Like the Serengeti Plain.

FM 362 north of Hwy 290 runs through Waller, Harris, and Grimes counties where it ends at Hwy 105. Motorcyclists who know about it love it for its smooth sweeping curves and sparse traffic. Not too far in from 290 you’ll pass by El Corazon Kennels. Except you won’t know it. When you pass by the El Corazon gate you ride into a Serengeti Visage with African wildlife dotting the lush green pasture. This weekend we caught a small herd of Zebras nosing their way through a pasture Paradiso—a place they never thought they’d go.

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4 thoughts on “Serengeti Visage”

  1. …. dang, and I went all the way to the Serengeti to see the Zebra’s! What else do they have running around there? Although, over there the grasses were nowhere as green! Cool pics! …. now if they could only sneak in some Wildebeast’s … or a Giraffe or two?


    1. They got several tourists from the Serengeti none of which I can name except for the Zebra. You’ll have to fly down and see for yourself–! It’s quite beautiful and less than 30 minutes from downtown Houston.


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