The Searchers

Sometimes the Best Plan is No Plan …

When I ride away from Houston, I usually have a plan. But not always. Once, a few miles outside of town the Harley rolled down a beautiful two lane blacktop – to the Serengeti Plain. The inhabitants are constantly scanning the horizon. What are they searching for? Does the bike remind them of the dangerous prey in Central Africa? I’ve ridden back over the years hoping it’s still there … sometimes it’s lush, sometimes it’s barren, but it’s always stunning. Stop … stare … and let your imagination run with the Zebras.

Zebra at El Corazon Zebra Waller County at El Corazon 2

FM Rd 362 in Waller County just outside Houston – January 26th 2013

Flying Low Over The Watermelon Patch

2012 was not a declared vintage for watermelon and sadly, not for much of anything else. But here we are in October and hope springs eternal—there are few things more delightful than a sweet red watermelon. This patch sits off James Muse Parkway near Hwy 290 just outside of Houston. The Spra-Coupe resembles an aircraft flying low over the fields but is in fact one the farmer’s best friends and that it’s sitting there today means hopefully the melons will be harvested rather than plowed-under. Self-propelled, productive as hell, and so efficient the Spra-Coupe can cover a thousand acres on a single 44 gallon tank of fuel. But when complications arise it pays to have a trusty John Deere as this video shows.