Havana Gates
The Front Gates of Havana Hotel on Navarro Street
Bend below Havana Hotel
Just below the Havana…a beautiful quiet part of the Riverwalk just 10 minutes walk from the Alamo
Tobin Center for the Arts
The Tobin Arts Center step pyramid
Tobin Center Reflection Wall
Tobin Arts Center
Tobin Center concert hall
What a great place to see a concert (Tobin Arts Center)
Big Hair and Bad Man
Large hair and big sneer…a study in contrasts
County Seal and ATT Tower
AT&T & Bexar County…a long relationship
Jose Antonio Navarro
Jose Antonio Navarro…born in San Antonio in 1795…Texas statesman and revolutionary…he represented Texas simultaneously in the legislatures of Coahuila, Mexico and Texas prior to the Texas Revolution…he was instrumental in drafting the first Constitution of Texas and devoted his life to helping insure the rights of all people
Havana Hotel
Hotel Havana on the Riverwalk…aptly-named in many respects