San Antonio Noire

Bend below Havana Hotel
At Hotel Havana where I stay, the Riverwalk is quiet, scenic, and just a 10 minute walk to The Alamo
Jose Antonio Navarro
Jose Antonio Navarro, born in San Antonio in 1795 … a Texas statesman and revolutionary, he represented Texas simultaneously in the legislatures of Coahuila, Mexico and Texas prior to the Texas Revolution … he was instrumental in drafting the first Constitution of Texas and devoted his life to helping insure the rights of all people
Havana Hotel
Hotel Havana with its dark and moody noire is nothing like the touristy hotels a short walk away

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2 thoughts on “San Antonio Noire”

  1. i was down in the Havana bar years ago standing at the bar trying to decide what to order. Looking at the lineup of ports and cognacs and sherries, I told the bartender I wanted something dark and smooth and old. An elderly black gentleman standing next to me turned my way and said, “Well, that would be me.”
    Can’t order a drink without thinking of that guy.

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