Time Warner Towers
The Time Warner Towers sit at Columbus Circle facing the Southwest entrance to Central Park…caught the plane flying between the Towers by accident. The Appel Room in Jazz at Lincoln Center is on the 6th floor where we saw Bill Frisell, America’s greatest Jazz guitarist, cover the songs of Highway 61 on Friday. The Appel Room faces floor-to-ceiling windows with a perfect view of Central Park behind the stage…it’s an amazing experience in perfect visual and acoustic conditions for listening to jazz. I’m standing just inside the Park entrance at Columbus Circle for this shot.
Lake on Eastside
Beautiful lake just below the Park entrance where 6th Avenue ends at 59th St…real spooky and Jurassic in the evening.
Bridge Tunnel in Central Park
This tunnel has been seen in countless movie scenes filmed in Central Park for a hundred years.
Fountain in Central Park
Walking from the South entrance you’ll eventually arrive at an overlook treating you to this dramatic view.
Old Bandstand in Central Park
This is a bandstand that was quite common in times gone by…our own Miller Theater in Houston started out life as a bandstand over 90 years ago…this one is also over 90 years old and from 1923 to 1969 the Guggenheim Band played here every Saturday Night.
3 girls
The elevation changes are one of the aspects that make Central Park so adventurous.
Moon over Central Park
A beautiful walk, a beautiful night, in a beautiful park. Love it.
The walk out of the Park toward 59th is just so grand.
Leaving Central Park
Central Park is well-used by the people of New York…and that’s the way it should be…these folks are all going back home to Queens, The Bronx, and Long Island, … probably even Hoboken…who really knows?

Central Park – Evening of May 30th 2015