The Two Towers

Time Warner Towers stands on Columbus Circle facing the Southwest entrance to Central Park. The Appel Room in “Jazz at Lincoln Center” is on the 6th floor where I saw Bill Frisell and his quartet cover the historic songs of Highway 61. His jazz-take on traditional songs from the culture along The River was interesting, surprising, and so fine. A small random number of us were invited to The Green Room before the show where Frisell sat for questions and commentary. That hour with Frisell was my favorite part of the evening. Over in the Appel Room, the theater seats face The Park. The floor-to-ceiling windows behind the band expose silent Manhattan rhythms: slow continuous traffic flowing ’round Columbus Circle, a dotted yellow line of cabs on 59th, a panoramic view of Central Park. Jazz and The City .

Standing just inside the Park entrance at Columbus Circle before the show, I took this shot and noticed only later a plane between the two towers. After the show, I couldn’t resist a walk in the park.

Time Warner Towers

Jazz at Lincoln Center, Central Park – Evening of May 30th 2015