Keep a steady rhythm with one hand, improvise with the other. . .

Candido y Caliente members of Caliente audience where there's a wheel there's a way


Crime Scene - Miller Theatre
Miller Outdoor Theatre in Herman Park – July 6th 2014 for “Noche Caliente”


Candido Camero, 93, inventor of “coordinated independence” on the Congas

A show by Candido is the Holy Grail for every Conga player on the planet

Candido brought Congas into the emerging Jazz revolution of the 40s and 50s

When the standard was a single conga, Candido brought three and changed the conga from backup instrument to lead

Jose Antonio Diaz is in his 29th year as Director of Bands at MacArthur High School in the Aldine ISD

The MacArthur High Jazz program may be the best in the country

Diaz is a heroic figure in Texas and the nation for his contributions to jazz

He conducted Caliente (his students) and Candido with energy and grace and love

This was the 13th Annual Noche Caliente at Miller Outdoor Theatre…sponsored by Diaz Music Institute which is Jose’s vehicle for bringing young people into the world of jazz

The kids were amazing…and so was Candido