Men, women, and bikes of a certain age and dreams that never die…

The Henderson
Late 1920s Henderson by Excelsior Motor Mfg, Chicago, Illinois
Excelsior Mfg 4-Cylinder screamer
The Excelsior Motor Mfg 4-cyclinder made the Henderson screaming fast…and this one is still ridden by its owner, a reknown collector and real estate developer from Georgetown, Texas
Indian Scout - the Holy Grail
Late 1920s Indian Scout…this is the Holy Grail for people who love vintage motorcycles
Harley-Davidson 165 - 1953
The 1953, 165 is easily my all-time favorite Harley-Davidson…it’s the only vintage motorcycle I’d like to own…this one was exquisitely-restored…love it
Harley-Davidson 165
Light, comfortable, simple, … a perfect little cruiser
Orange Harley
1930s Harley-Davidson Flathead… Where’s Zombie Waldo?
Early Knucklehead
One of the first Harley-Davidson Knuckleheads from the late 1930s…very few mods…amazing condition
Early Panhead
Early Panhead…these followed the Knuckelhead engines of the 30s ans 40s
1930s Harley - Green
Harley-Davidson early 1930s Flathead…meticulous restoration
1948 Indian Chief
1948 Indian Chief…it couldn’t be called that today but man-o-man what an iconic design…foot-clutch, stick-shift, fringe-seat…the owner walked-up, handed us the keys, and let each of us ride it around the park…the dream of every motorcyclist is to one day ride a vintage Indian Chief
Paul on the Indian
My friend Paul is a profoundly-skilled motorcyclist and able mechanic…he rode the ’48 Chief like a pro
Paul on 1948 Indian
The Indian Chief has so much torque I never even shifted it out of first gear…I was terrified of stalling it and not being able to start it again some distance from the pavillion…Paul on the other hand came back for some quick instructions and then glided out of the park and down the highway reaching speeds he wouldn’t divulge…an amazingly talented motorcyclist on a truly iconic, priceless bike…we couldn’t believe the owner let us ride it…what a day
Honda 750 Four
Honda 750 Four…these old Hondas are cult bikes now and go for as much as $100k at auction—as long as everything is original
Old Harley Expert Mechanic on his kickstarter
This guy knew everything about the mechanics of vintage bikes…a walking encyclopedia of zombie motorcycle guts
A true believer…one to prime, two to start…this old gent was a short feather-weight who you’d never believe would be able to kick-start an old Harley…he was simply a consummate pro in every respect
Harley reflected in Indian
It’s amazing what you see on a motorcycle when you look close…


Vernon L. Richards Park in Smithville, Texas, May 10th 2014 with a sweet, friendly group of men & women who love old motorcycles and each other, dearly

Loved this trip and meeting-up with my friend Paul so much

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