Day Of Reckoning

Fairy on Harvard
“The Fairy” was found buried in overgrown flora, clinging to a star
Orange and Meyer Lemon
Orange, Meyer Lemon, and a Bay Leaf (barely visible on the right)…the bird bath was discovered entangled in vines…the giant pinch-bowl was made by Margaret in her studio here on Harvard Street in the late 80s or early 90s…she was working with brown clay in those days and loving it…this fence line is the future site of the vineyard plot…work begins in October, cuttings go in the ground in February…these trees will be transplanted to The Orchard
Margaret's Bird Bath
I installed this bird bath just weeks before the crime against humanity…the folks at Heights Plant Farm liked it so much they left it right where it was and designed around it
Marie's 50th Birthday Bench
Marie’s 50th birthday bench was found completely covered with vines, unknown flora, and long-abandoned potted plants…we were all supposed to make tiles in Margaret’s studio for the seat surface and present it to her for her back yard on Pecore…that was 10 years ago…the designers found a new home for it…Marie can come over and sit on her bench on Harvard Street now
Avacado Texas Bamboo Banana
The Avocado tree is a rescue that’s been hangin’ around for years refusing to die…Bamboo is native and Banana, fruit-bearing…my tropical curtain fronting the alley
Kumquat tree…pop ’em in your mouth skin and all…the only citrus with eatable skin…for years this was in a plastic pot awaiting the Day Of Reckoning…alternately neglected and treated with tender loving care…today it’s the centerpiece of the orchard
Margaret's Swiss Chard
I found this Swiss Chard covered in weeds, strange grasses, and other unspeakable things deep in the back…the leaves were completely wilted…after a shower and a shave, the plant magically arose from the dead and produces copious amounts of chard…Swiss Chard made Margaret dance—she loved it
There’s nothing like a Texas Grapefruit with the proper hang-time…this tree has over 75 and counting…it may become the most spectacular tree in the orchard…we shall see
Madrono Fruit
Madrono is a spectacular fruit native to Central America but one of the favorite fruit trees of Kalamunda, Australia…we just called it Kalamunda…a sweet and sour fruit that’s perfect for cocktails…a tall beautiful shade tree with 4 inch nails for thorns…love it
Purple Things
Purple things…Master Gardeners have a great eye for placement and color…I’m so grateful they dropped-by this week
Margaret's Sunflower
Margaret’s Sunflower – another rescue from the old-growth weed forest…it has a new place in life on the orchard trail now
Crime Scene, 6 kayaks
Crime Scene and 6 kayaks

The Day Of Reckoning refers to finally getting around to it – creating the orchard space that was long in our minds but long being reclaimed by the tropical flora on Harvard Street

The folks at Heights Plant Farm were a joy to work with – give them a concept, then back away, and watch a Master Gardener at work with her crew

You can’t believe all the things they found buried in our tropical time-forest but were able to re-cycle into the design – still a work in progress and it may never end … we both had strange taste and there’s still a lot of strange objects to place in their proper space-time

I miss my tropical jungle … but the The Orchard brings a new day … it passed the test – people do automatically stroll through the yard now without needing an invitation…the yard has become livable space just like we always thought it would … and Marie was caught sitting on her bench last evening, a glass of Caymus Cab in hand

Over the years the tropical dimension will return with the maturation of the bamboo curtain and the banana trees

It’ll be fun watching The Orchard find its way into the world of Harvard Street

Some of the greatest adventures are right in your own back yard

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