Return To Forever, Again

A new one begins every nanosecond and every journey ends there…

This motorcycle trip started September 1st and ended October 1st right where it began. The whole point was to get gone. And fondest farewell. 5,849 miles of smiles with old friends and new and experiencing for the first time the joy of making time. The trip seemed to last forever. Yet I’m back in a flash. The strange temporal experience makes me wonder about the Tao of “forever” and the universal desire for more time.

Over the years I must have heard it a billion times over the phone, from the studio, or pleading from the garden: “I’ll be there in a nano, It’ll only take me a nano, Give me just one more nano.” A billionth of a second? How could someone who lived so large think in such tiny increments? I believe it was her way of making more time — divide a second into a billion parts and you can make it last really long. Here’s to her … there’s way too much forever but not nearly enough time.

Vaya Con Dios, Novia … Amor Eterno.

Snorkeling in Bonaire – 2009
Kayaking with Bob on Somerville
Kayaking on Lake Somerville near the farm…getting Bob to join her was one her proudest hours…she “accidentally” became the winning ebay bidder for this yellow one and called me sheepishly to “swing by” Midlothian, Texas to pick it up on my way back from a meeting in Dallas…had it not been for Margaret I’d have never seen the metropolis of Midlothian
MS-150 Start 2011
At the start for the 2011 MS-150 in Waller, Texas…next stop, La Grange and then straight on to Austin the next day…this was her 3rd MS-150 and she dove in with gusto like she did with everything
Margaret tending roses at The Parish School 8x6
Somehow she found time to make gardens everywhere she went…this rose garden at The Parish School made her dream big things about nature-learning for the kids—a dream that is coming true now with The Margaret Noecker Nature Center at The Parish School
In her garden at Rita Ridge sm
This little garden at the farm in Washington County was her pet project and it produced shocking amounts of vegetables every year…she had something growing for each season…it was a raised-mound design and she dug the trenches and built the mound-rows by herself every year…we always said Margaret had a green thumb but the truth is she was the hardest worker we ever knew
At Mayan Ruins In Isla Mujeres
Some people age in the subtlest of ways…Margaret was one of those…in Isla Mujeres at the Mayan Ruins – June 2012
hallowed ground lg
The End Of The Ride…the Margaret Noecker Memorial (gracias Madalene y Pablo) on Independence Way – October 1st 2013, at 6×1013 Nanoseconds … 1700 Hours, or 5pm for the rest of us.

Margaret left us doing what she loved: basking in clean country air, bright sunshine, and endless pastures of wildflowers. There may never be another engagement with nature like the one by Margaret.


There’s a billion photos of this trip but only a couple “shots.” The first post of the trip is Interrupting Geologic Time. It was the second day and I was riding through the Chiricahua Mountains of Southeastern Arizona — Margaret & I explored there on a trip celebrating our graduation from college. Starting from Fort Stockton that morning led to Phoenix after 14 hours in the saddle … most of it in the 100+ degree heat of West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. After that the weather only got better. You can take this trip forward or backward or inside out depending on how you click. And it only takes a nano.


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6 thoughts on “Return To Forever, Again”

    1. Well Pt 2 would take you to the same place all trips begin…and end. But the Dark Knight has earned the right to live out its days in the museum on Harvard Street where it’s being retired. I can ask no more of this magnificent creature. Already shopping for an “old man” bike I can ride to Whole Foods. It’ll be cool though.


  1. I have followed your magnificent trip in honor of Margaret and all that you shared. I have been touched with each word and photo. My heart has forever been changed with her presence. Thank you Nick. Sending you an abundance of love and light, Suzzanne


  2. Wow Nick, what an honor it has been to read your journey. actions speak louder than words
    but not on this chronicle they are equally eventful. I wish you happiness and love, Jane


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