Meet Me At The Salt Lick

The Salt Lick is a slice of BBQ paradiso in Hays County near Driftwood, Texas.

For over 40 years the owners have been perfecting the art of open pit and the art of business. It’s family-owned and vertically integrated—they make almost everything they sell including the wine. They even own the ATM machine (it’s a cash-only establishment). Our favorite time to ride-in is around opening (11:00am) on Saturdays but any time any day is just fine. Salt Lick has a special brand of friendliness as unique as their brisket and it’s uniform across the entire staff. Their friendliness gave birth to a tradition of meet & eat that spans all age groups. Young and old just feel great about being there. Most eat outdoors regardless of temperature and Salt Lick somehow makes it seem not so hot. Bring your own or walk over to Salt Lick Cellars—you’ll find estate wine and buckets of Shiner beer.

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