Tolerance At Dusk

Houston is the ‘divine centre’ for art. It’s been raining here every day for the past month so our riding strategy has shifted to evenings around dusk after the rush hour. The rain lets-up, the sky clears temporarily, and it’s a great time for urban riding & shooting. You can’t go far in this town without seeing large-scale art displays. “Tolerance” is at the corner of Studemont and Allen Parkway. The multilingual figures sit in a serene setting where a crosswalk over Buffalo Bayou provides a vantage point for viewing fiery sunsets reflecting off the Houston skyline. The whole area is an example of how great urban design creates mojo by virtue of being there. You’ll see quiet fluid movements of hiking, biking, roller blading, and gawking. It has its own rhythm. It’s perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Tolerance At Dusk”

  1. …. we had a giant size Marilyn Monroe for a while on Michigan Ave.,but the gang bangers tagged her before she was there a week! Sadly, now she’s gone on to another city – hopefully more that is more appreciative.


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