‘Kind Of Blue’

Out of the hands of babes….

Young students from River Oaks Elementary and the Blaffer Art Museum paint these Crepe Myrtles on Memorial Drive under the guidance of Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. They use a harmless natural pigment. The effect is stellar but during the Winter months the vibrant blue dissipates making way for a fresh coat in Spring.

crime scene in blue 2

crime scene in blue

kind of blue 2


The coolest thing about the BMW G 650GS Enduro is the off-road opportunities that would ordinarily whiz right by. We call it “Crime Scene” because its colors are like crime scene tape. But the moniker also evokes a capability to help us see the environment in a new more complete way. And that’s The Tao of motorcycling.

Memorial Drive near Waugh – January 14th 2014