Tango For Solo

There’s a beach-break between Davenport and Santa Cruz where you can suit-up, hook yourself to a kite, and dance the Tango on the water all by yourself

From the seat of the Harley, the kites appeared first off in the distance. Up the road a ways, I saw the surfers dancing across the water. Dressed in wet suits head-to-toe, they looked like Dolphins jumping in the surf. My first thought was, “Wow.” But as I photographed them, they began to seem like compadres. Kite-surfing is like motorcycling in a way — sometimes you share the the wave but solo is the Tao of it. Smash into a freezing wave hooked to a kite in a 30 mile an hour wind or fight a 900 pound motorcycle against the terrible gravity in the steep diabolical switchbacks of Big Sur…nothing is a match for the force of nature.

Wind surfer taking off

Wind surfer jumping wave

Wind surfer flying

Dos Wind surfers 2

Preparing to jump

Dos wind surfers

Wind surfer dropping in

The Dark Knight at Waddell Beach - California

Waddell Beach, Hwy 1
September 18th 2013