2014: A Street Odyssey

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The Secret Life Of Floods

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White Oak Bayou flooding its banks
missing person
Missing person . . .
ranch style beans
Invasion Of Privacy
invasion of privacy
Urban-spooning under the Heights Blvd Bridge . . . this old guy toughed-out the flood waters and made it through the night curled-up in the crevice of the bridge beam where he was still asleep
recycling day
Recycling Day

In the 21st Century no matter where you go you’re invading someone’s privacy.

Under Heights Blvd Bridge on White Oak Bayou – May 28th 2014


The best things in life are often just down the street . . .

Boil pennants
Joy, backwards…
Dan da man at Boil May 25th 2014
Dan da’ Man – One For Each Hand
Crawfish in a bag
The ultimate Brown-bag lunch
Sibling rivalry
Sibling Rivalry

Crime Scene at Boil

“Boil” on 11th Street in Houston Heights – May 25th 2014