Fractals of Our Own Creation

Points, lines, and objects expose hidden knowledge when juxtaposed in a certain way. Pyramids & ziggurats. “Geomancy” was codified in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. The practice is generally considered pseudoscience in the West and maybe, even China. Support for it depends on your definition of knowledge.

This scene made me stop. It gave rise first, not to thought, but emotion. Granted, my mind was already blank. But post-processing gives rise to analytics which break things down. Emotion dissipated entropically, leaving a misty chemtrail and a yearning for more, emotion. Through the process of art we simulate the fractal unfolding of space-time by initiating fractals of our own… unconsciously.

Like nature, art is best engaged directly. There is no substitute for the experience.

The Heights 07/23/21

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