The Lost Trip, Pt 7 – Backroads in The Allegheny Forest

When you come to a backroad — take it.

Watson Road - Pigeon - Pennsylvania
An infamous backroad where I grew up in the Allegheny Forest
Yamaha hanging in tree
Old Yamahas cause bidding wars to erupt in Houston…we found this one hanging from a tree in the way-back-woods of The Allegheny
Jack pump in Allegheny Forest near Pigeon
You’ll find oil jack pump wells all over Pennsylvania…even deep in the Forest
Huntin' and Fishin' Camp
There are hundreds of these camps in the Forest…people build them to get-away for huntin’…fishin’…and God knows what else…a few short weeks every year
The Old Orchard in Pigeon
We found the Old Wild Apple Orchard we picked from when we were kids…still there…still wild…still delectable after all these years
Wild Apples 1
Mom made Apple Pie, Cobbler, and Applesauce from these apples in the early 60s…to this day they remain the Gold Standard for us in crispness, sweetness, and tartness all in perfect balance…what a treat to find this Old Orchard alive and producing the same perfect fruit

Wild Apples 2

Old Barn off Blue Jay Road
A classic Old Barn on Blue Jay Road leading down to Tionesta Creek

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