Still sweet after all these years.

Fishin' on Greenbo Lake – Version 2
Fishin’ Greenbo Lake – August 7th 2016

45 years. Class of ’71. Some went away…some came back…and some never left. If we had to choose the one thing all us guys had in common, it would be fishin.’ Sure, we played all the sports and there are plenty of glories there. But the topic always comes back ’round to fishin’…and the conversation gets a little quieter, sweeter, and reverent.

I’ll never forget fishin’ the ponds along the the Ohio River most every day with my friend Leslie (R.I.P.). When we heard the train coming, we dropped our poles, ran up to the tracks, positioned a couple Pennies and Nickels on the rails…then ran back down to hide in the brush while the train smashed United States coinage to smithereens. It was a ritual inside of an adventure…and we never tired of it. Most of us are still fishin’ today.

For the girls…it’s difficult to describe how sweet they were then…but they’re even sweeter now. I don’t know for sure what they’d say they all had in common but one thing’s for sure for all of us — the years 1967-1971 in Greenup County, Kentucky along the banks and hills of the Ohio River was a sliver of heaven that dissolved like tears in the rain in the years after that.

Loved seeing all my old friends…they’re still sweet after all these years.

McKell Class of '71 Picnic at Greenbo

McKell Class of ’71 Reunion in Greenup, Kentucky and Greenbo Lake – August 6th & 7th 2016