Steak & The Cosmos

Dry-Aged Enlightenment

Our quarterly dinner-out is 15 years running and still cosmic. It starts with a Martini shaken not stirred. My friend’s with an olive – an abomination. Mine with a twist – sublime. At first the conversation is sketchy.  The unknown subject for the evening claws its way to the surface. That’s the way it’s always been. Suddenly we’re on our way to the table, the wine, and steak. The game is afoot. The subject rises magisterially to command the evening. Four hours later we’re so full of bogus insights on life, love, friendship, and the cosmos, there’s nothing left to say. The two most interesting men in the world getting together to laugh with the gods while drinking wine, eating steak, and jumping through hyperspace.

On the ride home I always think of my old friend, the ancient wine, and the spacey mumbo-jumbo. I hope we will always have these evenings of dry-aged enlightenment . Maybe everyone should.

Crime Scene on McKinney

Pappas Brothers Steak House on McKinney Street in Downtown Houston

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