Dry-Aged Enlightenment

Another place in time…

Our quarterly dinner-out is 15 years running (or more?) and still satisfying as ever. It always starts with a martini…shaken, not stirred…my friend’s with an olive (an abomination), mine with a twist (sublime)…a rocky start. The conversation commences with uncertainty…the subject must find its own way to the surface. The pace gains momentum and suddenly we’re on our way to the table, the Wine List, and dry-aged enlightenment. The wine ordered, the game is afoot. This is where the subject wields its power as it rises up and commands the night. For our part, by the time evening ends 6 hours later we’re so full of ourselves from steak, sides, dessert and our completely bogus insights on life, love, friendship, and (not to be outdone by the table next to us) the cosmos…so full of ourselves, we can scarcely see through the blinding light. The two most interesting men in the world getting together once a quarter to correct all God’s mistakes while drinking wine, eating steak, and jumping through hyperspace. We call it Steak & The Cosmos.

The ride home is always pure contentment…recalling my old friend, the ancient wine, and the spacey mumbo-jumbo. It’s perfect.

Crime Scene on McKinney

On McKinney Street in Downtown Houston…near the Cosmic Centre