Still OPEN After All These Years

The Spot

We found China Garden over 35 years ago (yikes!) when like us, it was still relatively young, or so it seemed. We made our annual pilgrimage to it last night for a party to find it still there and still great – best Egg Rolls in the known world. When you can get great Egg Rolls with Jasmine Tea what else do you need? Well, a lot apparently as those familiar old waiters began filling our table. Nothing’s changed … almost.

The 2nd generation runs the place now. The 3rd generation is running away as fast as they can to pursue art, photography, yoga, anything to escape fate. There’s something magical about cooking food and serving people but you better love it ’cause it takes commitment and deep reservoirs of ready energy. It’s easy to understand why some people do it and why others won’t.

There one more thing different now – a giant Orange tree growing right out of the sidewalk. And dire warnings against picking from it. The tree is magnificent and laden with fruit that glows in the dark of the neon night. The owner says she lets them tree-ripen before picking. I’m sure they will be amazing.

Orange Tree at China Garden

Crime Scene Parked At China Garden

Taking the long way home, I couldn’t help thinking about all the gatherings we’ve held there over the years: dinner with friends, dinner with family, birthday dinner parties, and dinner parties for no reason. Recalling the loud-shout euphemistically referred to as dinner conversation in those ancient times, I began to see that in some ways we were a lot older then. I hope we will always have this spot, with brand new memories, and us.

Charlie’s Birthday Party at China Garden 10/02/15 10:30PM. It was stellar.

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