The Art Of The Perfect Miss

In the shadow of the perfect miss, there is more hidden meaning than you may think …

Golf demands something utterly strange – it demands you master the art of the perfect miss. It’s the only game on the planet involving a target, weapons, a box of ammo, and a true aim while requiring you to practice missing before every shot. The greatest players in history have written instruction books on the subject. In a round of golf a player will miss the ball more than twice as many times as hitting it.

In the evolving pantheon of characters in my life, “The Gripper” has a seat at the table with his name on it. He has the perfect grip … the perfect stance … the perfect swing … the perfect name! And the perfect miss. I’ve learned more about the mechanics of golf, how to play it, how to gamble it, and how to savor it from The Gripper than anyone I know. Long may he run.

The Sandy

Memorial Park Golf Course – November 10th 2014

I’ve also learned more about how to deal with the ravaging of pride in the shadow of the perfect miss than I can remember … golf is truly the greatest game ever played.

The Shadow

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