Keep The Heights Weird

When local artists, gallery owners, and community leaders came together armed with grants, shovels, and mulch, things began falling into place. This is why we love The Heights.


Paper airplane made of steel

Artist Ed Wilson
It’s art but it’s also fine engineering & design…this life-size stainless steel “paper airplane” is attached only by its sharp point to a hidden base…this is Big Art

mirror tree bottom

mirror tree half shot

two lawn chairs and crime scene

The “True North” art installation on Heights Boulevard was spear-headed by Redbud Gallery owner, Gus Kopriva in collaboration with local artist, Chris Silkwood

April 2014


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4 thoughts on “Keep The Heights Weird”

  1. too late , Austin and the heights are losing their weirdness. now they have to try to be weird .. and that aint the same.


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