An apartment project under construction burnt to the ground yesterday on West Dallas near Whole Foods. The fire started just after Noon and within an hour became the first 5-Alarm fire anyone could remember. It burned into the evening. A worker was rescued from a second-floor deck by a firefighter with a ladder, narrowly escaping flames and a collapsing roof. Two Live Oaks were mysteriously untouched. The aftermath this evening was thick with eerie smoke, popup flames, the steady quiet movement of equipment cleanup, and two firefighters who wouldn’t give up.

Alley behind Whole Foods…7PM…March 25, 2014

Author notes:

Arrived at 7pm as the local TV station vans, photographers, and reporters were driving away from the Whole Foods parking lot

Had the whole scene to myself

Two firefighters continued to fight the popup fires that appeared every time you thought it was over

The other men moved like shadows cleaning their equipment methodically, in total silence

Communication was telepathic with occasional hand signals

The men were fighting for six hours straight

My respect for firefighters is THIS much

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