‘If the Mountains Fell in the Sea’

The Grand Canyon is home to the Hopi, the Navajo, Hualapai, and the Havasupai. They all have Canyon creation myths. Three claim to have witnessed its birth. Only the Hopi are telling the truth. But the Anasazi were here centuries before anyone of them. They were the masters of the Canyon multi-verse. The Anasazi vanished mysteriously and no one knows why. They left their spiritual imprint behind and when your mind is right you can feel them and sometimes even see them.

The Grand Canyon was deserted on this freezing Winter day but we did meet a couple interesting spirits – at least I think we did.

woman rider
She was riding back from Phantom Ranch that morning with tales to tell
And then there was Loren … he caught up to us on the Kaibab and offered to help but we refused gamely … the truth is we needed help and he knew it … he circled-back for the next two days checking on us … a great spirit from Luxembourg


Grand Canyon – Winter 2014

Background notes:

Grand Canyon legends are preserved in creation stories, lyric, and music. Jimi Hendrix, himself part Cherokee was inspired by those legends. His song, “If 6 Was 9″ came from a Hopi creation myth. “Kaibab” is the name of the treacherous trail of descent to Phantom Ranch where we spent the night … it’s an Indian word meaning “mountains fall to the sea.”

Like the Anasazi, Hendrix left a mysterious body of work that people are still trying to figure out.