A Tale Told By An Idiot – Grand Canyon, Day 1, Morning

[ In Act 5, Scene 5, Macbeth shares a wrenching haunted lament about life … ]

If we believe Macbeth then every day but lights the way to a dusty death … a walking shadow strutting an hour upon the stage then heard no more. Contrived struggles … an ignorant march toward a fruitless demise … a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Macbeth concludes that in the end life has no meaning. The death of the conniving Lady Macbeth and the meaningless slaughter of his men in the resulting war haunts him. Macbeth would’ve been at home in Grand Canyon. This place sucks meaning from your marrow, steals your empathy, your compassion, takes your memories, your wisdom, and leaves you with a thousand-yard-stare. Then flings you onto its billion year old stone floor where you’ll have to reassemble yourself, get up, and march all he way back up to the rim after you sleep with the ghosts at Phantom Ranch. No one will help you. No one can. In the Canyon you are on your own. Remember that above all else when you hear us tell our tale.

path on the edge
You are always one misstep from a dusty death
switchbacks on the canyon wall
The only way down the first leg is a terrifying switchback along the sheer face of the canyon wall

photographers light

Start out too early, or too late and you’ll miss “photographers light” which lasts for mere minutes around mid-morning at Grand Canyon. By sheer luck, our timing was perfect and we saw a light show like no other on the planet. The Canyon was whispering to us, “Danger, go back.” But we never heard it. And thank God.

Stay tuned for the sturm and drang of descent to Phantom Ranch …

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5 thoughts on “A Tale Told By An Idiot – Grand Canyon, Day 1, Morning”

  1. The journey will be complete when a descent is made to the bowels of Palo Duro, the mother of the Grand Canyon.


  2. … kinda just the opposite of Paul and my “attempt” to climb Mt Popo in 1976! Hope you guys have better luck!
    I’ve flown over it, been to the edge, never went down though – wouldn’t be able to now with my rusty feet & knocky knees!
    Good Luck!


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