Hallowed Ground

In 1974 The Candyman poisoned his young son on Halloween with a cyanide-laced Pixie Stick in Galena Park, Texas in a diabolical scheme to collect on a life insurance policy and along with his boy killed our strangest and funnest tradition…

13 years after the death of Halloween a pint-size little girl was posed standing in a freshly-carved jack-o-lantern on a front porch along Harvard Street and with one-click Halloween began to rise from the dead. Neighbors came by with their kids to get in on the show which soon transmogrified into spontaneous trick-or-treating as a joke. The next year brought scarecrow-stuffing parties complete with hay bales…then pumpkin-carving totems…and within a few years hundreds of trick-or-treaters were coming by for “Harvard Of The Living Dead.” And we all thought that was really something…

But every year now whether pouring rain or darkest night thousands trick or treat on Harvard Street in The Heights—one of the few places left in the Galaxy where people of all ages celebrate Halloween con mucho gusto. There’s nothing like it. Long may it run.

Mee-chell and her Mom

young guns

witches of Harvard

scary man and kids

kitty kat


the crowded yard

dawn of the dead

star wars storm trooper

jack-o-lantern haze

webHarvard Street Halloween in The Heights – 2013 

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