What They Have In Fresno

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning . . .

The image of Neverland will always be how we first imagined it—and it’s exactly like Yosemite. Everyone becomes child-like upon entering this enchanted forest. People just explode from the park entrance after paying $7 and go bat-crazy. From the old rider looking to see if anyone’s watching before scooting up a dark road the wrong way on a one-way (true story), to the exuberant stomp of gleeful Germans departing the tour bus, to a bridal veil vattenfal, to the Japanese father so taken with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the bottom of the falls that he could NOT stop smiling while his kids stood by for a picture, to the playful poses of young teens, and to all the strange tongues heard that day—none of which was English.

But the coup de grace was arriving at the top to see the Ansel Adams Gallery staring eerily back at me in black and white.

unknown old man biker

german tourists at giant redwoods

backside german tourists

japanese father and boys by harley

japanese girls

japanese teens


people relative to redwoods

viewing heads

ansel adams gallery

the dark knight in yosemiteYosemite – Take Hwy 41 up from Fresno all the way to the top – September 2013

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