Pacific Coast Highway

CA-One, from Carmel to San Francisco: close encounters with the farm, the joy of scenery, the sweetness of camaraderie, motorcycles, pretty good food, the Pacific Ocean. One of the planet’s great rides. For sure. Next stop – Napa Valley.

pacifica coast highway


pac coast hwy beach

motorcyclist coming round the bend

everybody is happy

two surfers

ocean view at Davenports Cafe

September 7, 2013 … a great ride on a Great Day.

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5 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Highway”

  1. I think of two movies when I see some of the pics: “The Wild Ones” (Marlon Brando) & “East of Eden” w/James Dean when I see the farm workers. Great shot of that biker with his arms out-stretched! Ride On brother!


    1. Funny you mention “The Wild One”….these shots were taken only a few miles from Hollister where the incident that inspired the movie occurred over a 4th of July weekend in 1947. A wistful smile passed my lips as we road by.


      1. And even more funny….Hollister was John Steinbeck’s hometown. His house appeared in the movie “East of Eden” which was based on Steinbeck’s novel.


  2. I just love these updates! And I’m so jealous that you’re there and I’m not!! What I’d like to see more of: You’re a good writer, with a great amusing style. Write more! Essay length, please. Captions will do for those who just want a shot of description, but I really want to see more of your prose and more of what’s in your head. If you have the opportunity, pick out a nice bracelet for me that says “West coast” or “the desert” and I’ll ante up when you get home…xo


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