Not all forms of transportation have wheels…

Chucho Valdes

It wasn’t planned … last evening we found ourselves rolling into Hermann Park on a random ride. Turns out Chucho Valdés and his Afro-Cuban jazz band were on the stage at Miller Outdoor Theatre. No place on Earth can hide from this music and over the course of 90 minutes Valdés took us to Havana, Senegal, the Serengeti Plain, Morocco, Andalusia, to New York for 15-minutes of “Take Five,” across the North American Indian soundscape, and back again never leaving our seats. The Tao of great jazz is its power to transport you across time and space.

Riding home I couldn’t stop thinking about this unexpected journey and all the amazing sounds of this night. Como la vida.

The Dark Knight on Herman Drive

At Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park – August 13th 2013