Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep At The Wheel returned to Miller Outdoor Theatre last night after a 20 year hiatus to commemorate 42 years as a band, 2 million miles on the road. The show started with a documentary-history of the band to re-introduce themselves and remind us how much we loved them. Sometime over the course of 42 years and dozens of players the band became the living manifestation of Ray Benson’s spirit: kinetic energy, free love for country swing, scary ability to play the same song a thousand times like it’s the first time, and undying devotion to “the band.” Today’s band has chops and heart. Asleep At The Wheel is on the stage alone now when it comes to Texas Swing. The old swing-bands are all gone.

The ride home was eerie and quiet above the rumble of the Harley. I couldn’t help thinking about the last 40 years and the music we all loved so much. And how much a part of our lives it was … and still is.

Dark Knight at Herman Park 7-5-13

At Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park – July 5th 2013


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2 thoughts on “Asleep At The Wheel”

  1. What a great review of the Wheels. How appropriate for it to be on Steel Wheels. We just got back to the room here in Biloxi at the IP Hotel on the Back Bay. We saw the Jimmy Vaughn Texas Blues Band and enjoyed it immensely. Got three free tickets for the balcony. Not as nostalgic as Miller Theater but a great venue with impeccable sound. Bobby Rush did the intro. What a hoot. An 80 yr old comedian blues singer harmonica player from the old Chicago blues genre. Cab Callaway comes to mind. Wish you were here. Love Dad PS: the photos need to go in a gallery.


    1. Man-o-man…heart attack in January, recovery, back on the road–Jimmie Vaughn is seriously dedicated to his craft. He’s on the list of players in their 60s who’ve earned the moniker “virtuoso.” They make us forget that greatness comes from decades of hard work, mind-numbing repetition, and undying devotion–to a LIVE audience. It’s great fortune to attend a performance by artists like Jimmie Vaughn and Ray Benson and…


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