Heights In White Linen

In its 7th year and few can remember the origins of White Linen Night in the Heights (WLN to the locals) but everyone has a blast. The first Saturday in August. A festive welcome to the Dog Days of Summer and the hottest ticket in town. The idea is to give this historic district near downtown Houston its own venue for promoting small business. Restaurants, auto repair shops, bead stores, antique malls, bike shops, and the cigar lounge. Each brings-in a live band, fires up the pit, or rolls a food truck up to the curb for 4 hours of Saturday night bliss. 19th Street, 11th Street, Studewood, and 6th Street are the main drags. After trying it on foot and by car we finally settled on the ideal way to see it all—steel wheels. Bicycles. We saw plenty of motorcycles though and scooters continue to grow in popularity. Every spot has its own mojo so you want to see the whole show. Nothing’s better than a bike for that.

Buchanan’s on 11th Street

Fixer’s Auto Repair on 11th Street

Zelko Bistro on 11th Street

Zydeco Band on 6th Street

The Blue Line Bike Shop on 6th Street

19th Street used to own WLN and it’s still the loudest.

It doesn’t get better than White Linen Night in the Heights.

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