Bull Of The Wood

County Road 207 is a run through paradiso situated between Weimar and Columbus (TX). You’ll find large working ranches out here that’ve been “in the family” for generations and where ranch managers are sought-after professionals. On a working ranch there are distinct seasons of work and home is often where you left it. The cowboy life survives with a modern twist.

With the urban environment moving out in all directions there are now millions of people living within minutes of these ranches yet never experience the magic. Look up and along with a bald eagle gliding over the Colorado River you’re liable to see the transmission grid from the Fayette Co Power plant lending a sci-fi dimension to the landscape. The roads are good out here, the traffic sparse, and your’re never far from food stops you’ve never tried—ideal conditions for motorcycling (and an easy day trip for Houstonians). When a county road runs out of asphalt you need to slow down to about 20 mph but that’s when things come into focus. Like a bull in the wood.

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