Fractals of Our Own Creation

Points, lines, and objects expose hidden knowledge when juxtaposed in a certain way. Pyramids & ziggurats. “Geomancy” was codified in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. The practice is generally considered pseudoscience in the West and maybe, even China. Support for it depends on your definition of knowledge.

This scene made me stop. It gave rise first, not to thought, but emotion. Granted, my mind was already blank. But post-processing gives rise to analytics which break things down. Emotion dissipated entropically, leaving a misty chemtrail and a yearning for more, emotion. Through the process of art we simulate the fractal unfolding of space-time by initiating fractals of our own… unconsciously.

Like nature, art is best engaged directly. There is no substitute for the experience.

The Heights 07/23/21

Que Paso?

Street photography captures moments in evolving scenes. With luck, narrative, poetry… art, may expose itself. In this scene, eulogy is explicit but élégie is the more profound emotion. And only at this precise angle.

19th St., in The Heights — Houston, Texas USA

Selma to Harvey


“If we leave before sunrise, we can make it to Houston before it hits,” said Dad. But we both knew it was already too late.

A week earlier, we’d left Houston to chase the Total Eclipse of the Sun. On the way, we mysteriously found ourselves in Selma, Alabama on the Bloody Sunday Bridge. On Lake Hartwell, we found the Total Eclipse. And darkly at a Confederate Memorial at the Courthouse in Anderson, South Carolina. Finally, on The Emerald Coast trying to find our way back home. It’s strange how you need to be home when your home is under siege. Driving around Houston after finally getting back, I was unable to photograph any of it. It’s too sad.

Listening to all the talk of rebuilding, the spirit of Houston, and coming together, I can’t help wondering… like a total eclipse, is our destiny to repeat the mistakes of the past? We shall see.