Remains Of The Hay

To the very end beauty remains in the pasture grasses of Washington County. For months they’re loyal to the pasture and to all who live there. At the end the grasses have two choices: roll themselves up to serve base apetites or stay the course, continue to serve the pasture, and give birth to new life.

The pasture grasses of Washington County run the gamut from Bahia to Bermuda and from Winter Rye to native varietals whose names are long-forgotten. People say we don’t have seasons in Texas but anyone who rides through the counties West of Houston can tell you exactly which season it is just by looking at the pastures.

Humana Machina

Business owners along a stretch of 105 just outside Navasota have refined a motif in recent years—antique machines in a pasture. The normal speed is 70+ so the motif is mostly a blur. Slow down and things come into focus. You’ll see things that should be left in their found condition, classics that should be restored, things that deserve an honored stage, and others that should never have been made. Navasota is the official Blues Capitol Of Texas but pasture art is staking a claim as well.

105 is a well-worn path for motorcyclists and the landscape is an evolving quilt of iconic “stuff.”

VFW Post 4006 was lucky enough to get their own M60 in 1999—it’s perfectly displayed in the pasture in front of the Post on 105.

Motorcycling And Ancient Virtue

With the example set by Cincinnatus (520-430 BC), the abandonment of power and corruption in the city for the virtue of the farm became idealized. From George Washington’s Mount Vernon to Jefferson’s Monticello, Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm, Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo, and George W’s Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, the ideal of leaving behind power and corruption for life on the farm has been refined to high art. Motorcyling over country roads will occasionally bring into view contemporary displays of this Ancient Virtue.

Today the drama of urbanization enables more people to live close to nature and at a level of refinement unprecedented in human history. Bohouslav Road in Fayette County may be unpaved but the art of refined living seems not to suffer at all. Tractors from the early part of the last century sit freeze-framed in the field but they still run and they still shred. The first mile of Bohouslav Road is a visible feast and it’s only the beginning of a remarkable tour through the ancien regime. The most fun you can have at 20 mph.