The Sentinel

Many ascribe to him a sense of humor (absurdly, we might add) but he’s a natural-born sentinel that guards pasture and herd. He’ll challenge all comers and the last thing you want to see is his lowered head moving towards you at a rapid clip. This little guy with big courage guards the fields on Qube Road between Valley Forge and Brenham. The countryside rolls smooth out here—just like the roads. You’ll have it to yourself most of the time.

Remains In The Hay

Right before planting Winter Rye, you’ll find remains in the hay. The summer pasture has finally been chewed-down revealing the inescapable truth about the laws of nature. The fortunate left standing await eagerly the sweet rich flavors of winter—the molasses wheel and rye grass. This little drama is playing out now in Washington County at Valley Forge and surrounding pastures of Clay Creek Road.  A peaceable Kingdom if there ever was one. And a wonderful environment for motorcycling.


Weiss Store is on FM 390 between Independence and Hwy 36 in Washington County. There’s not a real store there but the distance to Hong Kong is always-on. The sign has its own lightpost powered by a solar panel. This oddity has been developing for 40 years.

Take Gerke Rd to a right on Clay Creek Rd. You’re in Valley Forge—a community that time forgot and scenic beauty that’s unforgettable. Keep going, Clay Creek becomes Sun Oil Rd and horseshoes you back to FM 390. There’s a short patch of caliche so keep it slow. County roads are perfect for nature cruisin’ (about 35mph). They don’t show up on maps, you won’t see many cars, and you’ll never see another motorcycle.

Don’t believe it—it’s only the beginning.