Easy Layup in the Allegheny Forest, Crash-Landing in Kecksburg

Kecksburg UFO sky view - PigeonDecember 9, 1965. Everything you read here is true. I was 12 years old. It was early evening. We were killing time in a game of 2-on-1 ’til dinner. Suddenly, I was looking at an easy layup and my friend’s Dad began shouting hysterically and pointing at the sky, “Look! A UFO!” The oldest trick in the book – if I turn around, he slaps the ball out of my hands then he gets the easy layup. So, I ignored him, made the easy layup and then I saw it: a green glowing object, with a long multicolored tail, drifting low, strange, and silent across the evening sky. The official explanation on the news was meteor. My friend’s father was adamant it was a UFO and within a few days, thousands of people stretching from Canada to Western Pennsylvania agreed with him. Especially the people in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania south of us where the damn thing crash-landed.

From Little Acorns Great Conspiracies Grow

Within an hour men in suits leading a small army of soldiers entered Kecksburg, commandeered a home, waved people off with dire warnings of radiation, dug-up the UFO, put it on a flatbed truck and left. People who got a glimpse of it said the alien craft was acorn-shaped and a couple people swore there was a dead three-fingered alien with lizard-like skin lying on the flatbed truck. Who the hell knows what they saw? But people saw something on that flatbed truck…I saw something in the sky…and yet, the evening ended without a shred of evidence, photo, or explanation. In spite of that, Kecksburg would become and remains the most famous UFO story next to Roswell. Google it. TV shows have been devoted to it on Unsolved Mysteries, and Ancient Aliens, along with DVD and YouTube documentaries. People see something, there’s no evidence, no explanation…and presto – conspiracies are born.

Time Travelers from Nazi Germany

the bellDecades after Kecksburg, the story got merged with the legend of “The Nazi Bell.” The Nazi Bell is said by conspiracy theorists to have been a spaceship engineered by Nazi Germany. It was propelled by anti-gravity, created wormholes, and traveled through time. The kicker? It was shaped like an acorn and disappeared without a trace in 1945. Which explains how it wound-up in Kecksburg in 1965. Every year now there’s an Acorn festival in Kecksburg where hundreds of conspiracy theorists, UFO investigators, and experts gather at the large foam Acorn left behind by Unsolved Mysteries to share research and conspiracy theories. Millions of people all over the world believe the Nazis had an anti-gravity time-traveling bell go missing in 1945 and re-appear in Pennsylvania in 1965 not far from where I grew up. You couldn’t make it up for all the tea in China.

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

the craftFor decades, a local researcher named Owen Eichler toiled-away to no avail seeking a rational explanation for the Kecksburg UFO. Eichler was 13 and playing baseball in a nearby town when he saw the same thing I saw while playing 2-on-1 basketball. The leading theory was Cosmos 96, a Russian spy satellite which was finally debunked in 2003. NASA determined that yes, a Russian satellite crashed coincidentally on the same day as Kecksburg – only in Canada. In any event, it wasn’t acorn-shaped. Enter the GE Mark 2 re-entry vehicle. Today, Eichler believes he finally solved the mystery. It turns out the re-entry vehicle carrying a U.S. spy satellite is actually acorn-shaped and operational at the time. 1965 was the height of the Cold War, so retrieving a spy satellite explains the rapid response team that descended upon the town of Kecksburg. While it looks like case-finally-closed, NASA and the Air Force refuse to confirm, deny, or even answer questions about it. Conspiracy theorists are now even more convinced than ever it’s the Nazi Bell, we’ve reversed-engineered it…and well…you know the rest.

There Is No Cure

May 11, 2017. Everything in this story is true. I really was playing 2-on-1 with my friend and his Dad when something flew over us on December 9th 1965. It crash-landed in Kecksburg. And 50 years later, millions of people really do believe it’s a time-traveling Nazi Bell from 1945 with an anti-gravity propulsion engine. Remember this story when you hear millions of people insist Russia colluded with an American reality television star in 2016, to make him President of the United States. And if you think after all the investigations, conventions, and expert research is complete, they’ll throw up their hands and say, “Okay, we were wrong…it wasn’t Cosmos 96…it was GE Mark 2 all along,” remember The Kecksburg UFO Incident…52 years-on, going stronger than ever. There is no cure.

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1. In August 2016, I returned to The Allegheny Forest, found the exact location my childhood home once stood and shot this photo of the sky where we saw the The Nazi Bell drifting silently over the forest on its way to Kecksburg
2. The giant foam acorn was created by the producers of Unsolved Mysteries who left it behind where it sits to this day outside the Fire Department Hall in Kecksburg
3. The photo of the GE Mark 2 re-entry vehicle was dug-up by Owen Eichler who toiled for decades searching for the explanation to the Kecksburg UFO…cased-closed…or is it?