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October 2013

Tango For Solo

There’s a beach-break between Davenport and Santa Cruz where you can suit-up, hook yourself to a kite, and dance the Tango on the water all by yourself

From the seat of the Harley, the kites appeared first off in the distance. Up the road a ways, I saw the surfers dancing across the water. Dressed in wet suits head-to-toe, they looked like Dolphins jumping in the surf. My first thought was, “Wow.” But as I photographed them, they began to seem like compadres. Kite-surfing is like motorcycling in a way — sometimes you share the the wave but solo is the Tao of it. Smash into a freezing wave hooked to a kite in a 30 mile an hour wind or fight a 900 pound motorcycle against the terrible gravity in the steep diabolical switchbacks of Big Sur…nothing is a match for the force of nature.

Wind surfer taking off

Wind surfer jumping wave

Wind surfer flying

Dos Wind surfers 2

Preparing to jump

Dos wind surfers

Wind surfer dropping in

The Dark Knight at Waddell Beach - California

Waddell Beach, Hwy 1
September 18th 2013

Born To Pose

Birds do it…Squirrels do it…Bagpipers at Spanish Bay do it

My favorite photos are of people unaware of the camera. But what about people who are totally aware and totally unaware? Nature inspires people to do crazy things. But when uninhibited posing intersects with bare-naked-nature, it raises the question…

Are we all just born to pose?

Seagull over Santa Barbara Harbor
Birds above Santa Barbara Harbor do it


Posing for food
“Don’t Feed The Animals” pose…South Rim, Grand Canyon September 26th 2013
Bagpiper at Spanish Bay
Every evening at 6pm, pipes blow on the first tee at Spanish Bay leaving no dry eyes
Woman in silver slippers posing Golden Gate viewpoint
No one can love you like you can
California peace pose Waves to Wine ride
California fist pump (on the right) at Waves To Wine MS-150 – September 22nd 2013
Young poser at Golden Gate
Brainy-beauty pose…at Viewpoint for the Golden Gate bridge
Young poser at MS-150 Sonoma Village
Waves to Wine MS-150 Finish Line, Sonoma Village – September 22nd 2013
Young girl risking it all South Rim
People will risk their lives for a little pose…
Young girl playing it safe
A somewhat safe pose…?
Molly y Sally in Santa Barbara Harbor
The mother-daughter pose…it doesn’t doesn’t get better than this…in Santa Barbara Harbor September 5th 2013
Redhead posing in Yosemite
The Natural pose
Triple posers at Golden Gate
California! The land of poseurs
Two girls posing at Rodney Strong
At Rodney Strong Vineyards two posers blended right into the flower garden
Three jumping fraulein posers South Rim
Three poser frauleins faking a jump off the South Rim at Grand Canyon
Posers on deck Inn At Spanish Bay
The bar-room scene at The Inn At Spanish Bay…bring your best pose if you want to play with this crowd
older women posing South Rim
Is that really “Nosferatu” imprinted on her shirt…?
Little poser at Spanish Bay
The soft-landing pose at Spanish Bay… reflexes are perfect when you’re young
Lone pose on ledge South Rim
What can we say…?
Lookin good on the South Rim
The flair pose…
Four posers Waves to Wine
Synchronized posing at the Waves to Wine MS-150 Finish Line
Future Darwin award poser South Rim
The “Look Ma!” pose…how about those rock-climbing shoes?
Gaggle of posers South Rim
Poser Agonistes
Gallery in Carmel
In Carmel statues do it…
Girl interrupted poser South Rim
The you-go-girl pose
Molly No Parking in Santa Barbara
Even feet do it in Santa Barbara
girl posing in the crowd at Golden Gate
There’s a poser in every crowd – Viewpoint, Golden Gate Bridge
Imelda pose South Rim
The Imelda pose
Japanese boys posing by the Harley
This Japanese father wanted his sons to pose by the Harley but they were having none of that…posers nevertheless! Yosemite – September 15th 2013
Elderly pose South Rim
A reluctant pose but a natural born poser, nevertheless
Double-wide posers
The Whole Lotta Love pose…
Double ex-poser at Golden Gate
The feigning disinterest pose (left with back to us) and the Grand Dame pose (right)…
Double ex-poser 2
Double ex-poser…
Couple putting their best foor forward in Yosemite
The photographer fell on his ass while positioning for the shot pose…

Couple in Yosemite

Couple getting shot on South Rim
For every poser there’s someone who’ll shoot them…
Classic poser South Rim
The Romanesque pose
canine posers
Dogs do it
Baggy pose South Rim
The “Friends Don’t Let Friends” pose, in The Canyon
Lean Bean team posers
Lean Beans do it…Waves To Wine MS-150 – Sonoma Village September 22nd 2013
Older posers South Rim
Send a tingle up his leg while holding her tinkle pose
Posers galore St Helena Farmers Market
The woman in purple pose…she could spot a camera from 50 yards in a crowded market… Farmers Market – St Helena September 20th 2013
Poser with champagne at Spanish Bay
Posing behind his back…
Finish posers Wave to wine
Loud posing at the Waves to Wine MS-150…
Elephant Seal in Big Sur
Elephant Seals in Big Sur do it
Sweet posers South Rim
Bipartisan pose
Strutter poser South Rim
The betwixt and between and befuddled pose
Poser galore South Rim
Poser Galore
Six German guys in The Petrified Forest Calistoga
Five wild and crazy German posers at The Petrified Forest in Calistoga…no backdrop is too mundane for real posers
Single guy poser South Rim
The devil’s own pose on a cliff in The Canyon
Self-posers on the South Rim
Sally Santa Barbara Harbor
Santa Barbara Sal…she loves the camera and the camera loves her
Nude - Gallery in Carmel
Nudes and Chefs in Carmel do it
Lovers pose at Golden Gate viewpoint
The love pose…at Golden Gate Viewpoint
Molly Santa Barbara Harbor
The square root pose… in Santa Barbara Harbor September 5th 2013
Paddle boarder Santa Barbara Harbor
Paddle boarders in Santa Barbara Harbor do it
Poser triad Golden Gate viewpoint
“Why can’t we go on as three?”
Japanese girls posing in Yosemite
Girls just want to have fun pose
Poser pointing to the backdrop South Rim
That backdrop…right there
Poser not in the shot South Rim
Posin’ even when you’re not in the shot
Poser boy South Rim
Darwin was right pose
Poser bacci ref St Helena
The ponderous pose…Bocce is a ponderous game in St. Helena
Poser bacci players
You’re always posing, even when you’re not – St. Helena September 20th 2013
Family of three posers South Rim
The Family Guy pose
Naturale at Spanish Bay
Sweetheart pose
Waves to Wine posers
Cinco de pose at Waves to Wine MS-150 Finish Line in Sonoma Village
Old man poser South Rim
Shadows do it
The Dark Knight posin South Rim
And even Harley-Davidson motorcycles do it

Two Americas

Thirteen Days In October

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was the first big news story I can remember. For 13 days, it felt like the country was in real trouble. And for my generation, “the country’s in trouble” became a narrative that persistedToday, “The Country’s In Trouble” is a portrait hanging in the American mind. But what if the painting is a fake?

A Mona Lisa Smile

The mind plays tricks. Tell it something long enough and it’ll program a new reality based on what it hears. The antidote? Tune-out. Take a road trip. And watch a different America take shape on the canvas.

For 31 days I rode through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then up and down California – twice. There and back again. Everyone was friendly, curious about my journey, and happy to help whether tending the Harley or my aching back. Not long after hitting the road, somewhere in West Texas I found myself in the Country of No Trouble for the rest of the trip. It turns out there really are two Americas: the fake portrait hanging in our minds, and the authentic one in front of our eyes.

I-10 West Of Fort Stockton 2
Dawn, outside Fort Stockton, but I was heading West to El Paso, then Phoenix, a 14 hr ride

October 2013

The happiest people you meet on the road are the ones helping you

Just buying gasoline or french fries is a social occasion when you travel alone

Stepping out of the narrative is the Tao of road trips

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