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June 2013

The Art Of Steel Wheels

We rode to our friend’s new gallery last night to see the art of steel wheels…

The exhibit is Devon Moore’s “The Gravity of Time.” Moore perfected the art of relic-ing pristine steel media using acid to create amazing effects from reflected-light. Through the 1st week in July. For lovers and collectors of great original art.

2625 Colquitt Street in Houston.

entrance sign

Steel Wheel at NL Gallery

Dark Knight at Nicole Longnecker Gallery

Steel Waves – The Tao Of Surfing

When we were young we thought heaven was dropping-in on the face of a beautiful wave…

At 60 my friend exhibits the same form of his youth: intent, patient, deliberate, aggressive engagement with one of nature’s wonders — the perfect wave. For him it could be a smooth 8 ft right-break in Costa Rica or a rough 2 ft point-break at Pirates Beach on Galveston Island. He engages both with the same devotion to perfection, the same quest for heaven.

Surfing enables us to see beyond through intense physical contact with nature — washing over us, carrying us forward, slapping us silly. It changes how we see.

JBM catching a wave

JBM dropped in

JBM bailing

JBM seagulls

Pirates Beach on Galveston Island – June 2013

Seal Wheels

In 2001 he spent two and a half months in Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program grant, returning nine times over the years to work as a research diver. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his Encounters At The End Of The World. In “Seal Pup Goes For A Swim” you’ll experience his virtuosity on the guitar plugged-in to a variety of effects pedals.

Henry Kaiser is a musician, composer, and collaborator with Nels Cline (Wilco), along with many others over a 40 year career in experimental music. An American master of the arts.

Read Henry’s piece on effects pedals in the current issue of Premier Guitar — HERE.

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