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February 2013

El Niño – Man Of La Pasture

Live Large, Love Larger

Been following him and his progeny for years … El Niño is magnificent, his heifers pretty, if a little wacky. They’re natural born posers. Few animals let you ride-up on a rumbling Harley, dismount, unpack your camera, and fiddle with the settings while they pose for the whole shootin’ match … such is the power of humans bearing molasses. This is superfine riding country with smooth peaceful roads and beautiful views where ranching, nature, and large love hookup.

Dark Knight on Randerman Rd

wacky and friend


On Randerman Rd in Washington County



Farming along Sun Oil Rd just off FM 390 in Washington County, Texas

hay field on Sun Oil Rd

cattle lease

Oil well on Sun Oil Rd

Dark Knight on Sun Oil Rd


Heaven’s Gate

The Otto Bahn (named affectionately for the owner next door) is a right-of-way road leading to land-locked Pasture Paradiso. The road is overgrown even in the dead of Winter and every ride on a Harley down it’s alternately powdery and hard-pan lunar surface is a quarter mile of high adventure through a piece of dense forest that we swear no human has set foot in to this day. But that all ends at Heaven’s Gate.

Off Hwy 105 in Washington County, Texas. Right-of-way roads are common in the country and they transport land-locked property owners to a place of magical privacy…a world within a world.

The Dark Knight on the Otto-Bahn-2

The Otto Bahn-2

Heaven's Gate-2

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