Keep The Heights Weird

When local artists, gallery owners, and community leaders came together armed with grants, shovels, and mulch, things began falling into place. This is why we love The Heights.


Paper airplane made of steel

Artist Ed Wilson
It’s art but it’s also fine engineering & design…this life-size stainless steel “paper airplane” is attached only by its sharp point to a hidden base…this is Big Art

mirror tree bottom

mirror tree half shot

two lawn chairs and crime scene

The “True North” art installation on Heights Boulevard was spear-headed by Redbud Gallery owner, Gus Kopriva in collaboration with local artist, Chris Silkwood

April 2014



Some guys bring knives or guns to a fight but real men bring poetry.

The Heights Presbyterian Church campus was established in 1903. Yesterday, a substantial portion of it burned down in the rain. It was a savage fire fought to a smoldering wet cinder by Houston firefighters. Many of them were still recovering from a five-alarm, 8-hour fight the day before. Anyone who’s seen a firefight knows the strength, endurance, self-sacrifice, and spirit that firefighters bring to the battle. And it is a battlefield. The attack is so well-orchestrated it looks like an outdoor ballroom of dancing mimes. No one talks. Each person knows their place and exactly what’s expected and exactly what’s needed at exactly the right moment. Everyone. They work in perfect concert with each other, with police, with arson investigators, the electric and gas companies, the media, and even the rest of us. It has to be seen to be believed. There’s nothing like it…it’s poetry in motion.

18th and Ashland in The Heights – March 26th 2014

Author notes:

It was raining the whole time but the fire just laughed

If you ever need help in a life or death situation pray for a firefighter to show up

You can’t believe the things firefighters do to kill a fire

The Tao Of Motorcycling


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